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Welcome to Stoned we are based in Alethius Nation. Currently recruiting 20+ members. Wait no longer apply today. LMW raid schedule will be added soon. any suggestions? Please help and feel free to share. Thanks for registering and good luck ...THIS SITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION...

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operation7up, Nov 27, 10 2:00 AM.
Welcome Newcomers,

This site is fairly new as you can see. Stoned is a well established Guild in Aika working to be on the Top. Raise ur bong and all unite across these lands. Enjoy ur stay. (Everyone try do lots of guild quests).

Feel free to use what is available so far, and especially to upload any good Wheel of Time pictures you have while I get things running, the forums are up, so you're welcome to introduce yourself, maybe start a topic. 

1.  Those capable of using the guild warehouse (rank 3 and up), please refrain from withdrawing the gold in stored inside, we need that for the weeklky guild tax.  (Gold Donations Needed)

2.  Also regarding the warehouse, though not as important, if you have a use for something stored inside, feel free to take it, just don't be overly greedy.  And if you have anything you don't need, feel free to store it for others to use; though if you deposit something stackable that's already in there, please withdraw those stored first and combine the piles, else it's a pain to organize...

3.  We will probably have a few active topics in the members forums, since that is where I plan to organize votes on guild activities and other plans, so please check once in a while and give you're opinion.
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